Taksh AMA with Bitcoin Guru and 100xclub

We had a wonderful time discussing Taksh with the 100xclub community hosted by Bitcoin Guru. We had fun answering questions about Taksh. Here is a compilation of all questions asked during this AMA.

Q.1 How did you learn web3 and blockchain?

Gajesh: First of all, thank you for having me. I am the founder of TAKSH. My crypto journey started in September 2020, where I attended a webinar on the Basics of Bitcoin & Blockchain. My interest in Crypto grew from there. I started learning Solidity and delving into the deep waters of Web3. To get more experience and exposure, I did some freelancing before launching Gaj Finance in April 2021. Being a big DeFi believer, I wanted to bring something unique to the ecosystem. Taksh is precisely that!

Q.2 Were you into any other programming language before solidity?

Gajesh: Yep. Before Crypto, I was introduced to programming 5 yrs back. Back then, I learned scratch (a block programming language for kids). After learning scratch, I enrolled in IIHT (an education institution) to learn C & C++. After I learned C & C++, the institution closed down. Learning c & c++ was pretty cool and fun. Then, I started learning Java at another institution (NIIT, which would not recommend as there are many online courses to learn Java). passed oracle exam @ ~80% score. Then, I started learning web development (HTML, CSS, and javascript) — from freeCodeCamp. After that, I started getting dip into python. Doing some data science, some calc, etc., etc., and during the covid-19 pandemic, I restarted my youtube channel by putting some educational content about python, ai, ml, data science, and some small python projects.

Q. 3 Could you please explain what Taksh is all about and the unique value it brings to the GameFI?

Gajesh: Let me first start with what a no-loss prize game is: The no-loss prize is a DeFi spin on the traditional lottery. The worst part of playing the conventional lottery is losing your money if you don’t win. No-loss prize game is a win-win for participants:

  • Participants do not lose deposited assets
  • They don’t need to purchase tickets for every participation
  • The no-loss prize game becomes a saving account. With Taksh, participants earn rewards for participating.

Now coming back to Taksh, here is how it came into being: As someone who loves delving into various DeFi strategies and thinking about them, the whole appeal of no-prize games fascinates me. While apeing into one of such no-loss prize game protocols, I realized its limitations. Given the rise in usage of DeFi, I believe that the no-prize game concept has great potential and, if done right, can become a go-to saving avenue for users.

Q.4 Taksh is the new savings account?

Gajesh: Yes!

Q.5 Can you briefly talk about Taksh backers and how they will support your project growth?

Gajesh: Since I got into web3, I have been blessed with support from leaders in the ecosystem. I am happy to let you know that Taksh has caught the attention of veterans in the space and has successfully raised preseed. We have leaders in the space guiding us and mentoring us.

Q.6 Do you have any competitors? How do you differ, and can you give us any valuation comparison?

Gajesh: Though there are few no-loss prize games in the space, Taksh brings an entirely new dimension to the no-loss prize games.

Current no-loss prize games:

  • Do Not Provide Participants A Fair Chance To Win
  • Do Not Compound Rewards, Leaving A Huge Opportunity To Maximize The Yields
  • Do Not Diversify Yield Sources
  • Do Not Support Yield Protocols
  • Do Not Provide Yield To Participants (0% APY)

While Taksh:

✅ Participants Get A Fair Chance To Win

✅ Diversified Yield Sources

✅ Perpetual Yield System (right now, it’s 60% APY on DAI)

✅ Supports Yield Protocols

✅ Reward Compounding

Community Questions

Q. 7 Talk about DAI in your second prize pool. As an early User, what conditions do I have to meet to win the prize pot? Is it only $WAVAX we get as a reward?

Gajesh: You just need to deposit DAI, and you will become eligible to win the pool prize. By participating, you become eligible to claim rewards as well.

I should also mention that there are no deposit or withdrawal fees!

Q.8 Most issues with lottery games include increased deposits while the number of prizes remained fixed, building on other blockchains which fragmented prizes, preventing the growth of a single massive prize. What protocols does Taksh operate on to improve these core issues and become truly cross-chain?

Gajesh: Great question! This is what is unique about Taksh. Though unfortunately, I won’t be able to discuss too much about it now, I can say that we are very close to solving cross-chain limitations.

Alpha: It’s coming up next month 🙂

Q.9 Which one of these aspects is important for you?

  • Increasing project Value (fundraise)
  • Empowering Platform Development
  • Building Community Trust
  • Expanding Partnership Globally

what order??


For now, we are prioritizing community-building and gathering as much feedback we can. Platform development will always be an ongoing activity. We are proactively taking steps to get into partnerships with some fantastic projects in the space. So stay tuned!

Q. 10 How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates?


All Important Links:

App — https://app.taksh.xyz/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/TakshXYZ

Discord — discord.gg/DmhwuqbucK

Telegram: https://t.me/takshxyz

Q.11 s your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?


Taksh is for everyone! Everyone should get a fair chance to win is our slogan!

Q.12 Currently, from where I can buy it? Is it possible that I can get it only by holding it?

Gajesh: For now, you can participate in our prize pools and become eligible to win pool prizes along with participation rewards.

Q.13 It was great having you here you tonight for the AMA! Anything you want to say to the community?

Gajesh: Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Taksh to your wonderful community. I loved my time here!




Multichain yield Maxi no-loss prize game

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Multichain yield Maxi no-loss prize game

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